Vaginal dancing

vaginal dancing

7 Feb Video of performance by Snappy Dance Theater as part of the benefit performance of Eve Ensler's, The Vagina Monologues (Boston, MA, ). Choreographed by Snappy Dance Theater members. Is My Vagina Ugly?. A Bit About vaginal steaming Vaginal steaming is a universal practice shared by women worldwide to help with the postpartum + gynecological needs of women. Case studies have shown up to 90% effectiveness using vaginal ('yoni' or 'v') steaming alone. Some uses for steaming are: PMS; Abdominal cramping; Blood. "Shimmy and Sway Your Way to a Vaginal Birth" by DFB Founder, Stephanie Larson in ICAN Clarion Winter Issue.


Clitoris Dance (FGM) vaginal dancing

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