Alt roleplay

alt roleplay

You can access your settings from any page by selecting your name at the top of the screen and then selecting "My Settings". There are several tabs on the side of the page, which allow you to configure and update different board settings: Profile Settings From the Profile Settings area of your UserCP, you can configure . In role-playing games, an alternate character, often referred to in slang as alt, alt char, or less commonly multi, is a character in addition to one's "primary" or "Main " player character. Players are generally not secretive about their alternate characters, unless having multiple characters is illegal, or in a role-playing. Alt WW2 RolePlay. Aug 12th This isn't anything special. But I wanted people to apply rather than just join like my other ones. The Rules are as follows. 1. Basic RP rules. Post daily, stay active, no landgrabbing, no trolling, you get the idea. 2. Be realistic. Have logical reasons behind your actions. 3. Have a good.


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Yes there are sex slaves. Player can write there own back story from how the war changed things. Role play is a well established principle of education, psychotherapy, self-exploration, and entertainment. alt roleplay

: Alt roleplay

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23 Aug Hey everyone! I was thinking of making myself and alternate account for role playing, i made a poll of what the account should be! WheatleyPlaysMC is. Viewing The Board Index. When visiting the board, you will be presented with a list of categories and forums in those categories. This page is called the Board Index, and it lists all of the forums. Forums are split into categories. You can choose to hide any category by pressing the "-" button on the right-hand side above the. 30 Jan Player can write there own back story from how the war changed things. And how the country looks forward to the s and beyond. ~Common ALT Rules~ This is a serious roleplay and the player's who joined should know that. There should be no land grabbing at all this is a roleplay landgrabbing and.

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