Painful zorra

painful zorra

WILLIAM MELDRUM'S connection with Zorra dates from the year , when he was inducted into the pastoral charge of Harrington congregation. carrying in his hand a red cane with an iron head.; and quite often a rap on the head of the one who made the mistake was a painful reminder that contributed to accuracy. Our Beloved Zorra will bring us updates from a higher perspective of what is really happening. Many continue to perceive realities to be difficult and painful while others are feeling the heaviness of the energies flooding their bodies and Mother Earth. What is one to do? What are the answers to surviving and being balanced. sudden and painful bereavement. The same minister writes me as follows:—“ Late in October, or about the first of November, , I was assisting at a Communion in Harrington, with the Rev. Daniel Gordon, and Mr. Ross was also present. On one of the Preparatory days, just as we were taking our places at the dinner table.


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