Sperm newbie

sperm newbie

30 Apr Hi, I'm new to the group. My partner has Azoospermia. He has had x2 semen analysis which confirmed this. He had a physical exam and are awaiting results from his genetics blood test. I have had blood. Hi, we're a lesbian couple thinking about trying to have a baby just wondering what the best option is in terms of finding a sperm donor, and would love to hear other people's experiences. We're currently weighing up known donor vs anonymous, and also clinic vs trying it ourselves. I know a clinic would. 11 Jun Hi all. Just looking to see if anyone else is in the same boat and ever found a way of solving it. Hubby has been for all tests and told that he has no sperm. His body temp is too high or something and fries them all as they are made. He seems to think there's nothing he can do but wondering if theres anyone.

Sperm newbie -

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