Classroom toes

Responsive Classroom. up and down four times. Funga motions (change for each round) First round: Point to your forehead. Second round: Point to your mouth. ird round: Cross your hands over your heart. Fourth round: Bend your arms at the elbows in front of you. Move your arms back and forth as if you were gently. When I look back to the late 's, when I was in elementary school, I remember how much I loved Mr. Barkley's class. Mr. Barkley was quite an unusual teacher. In your history class, he would often give fun assignments, such as writing poetry booklets. This was certain not the norm in schools of the no-nonsense s. 12 Oct This classroom game is more suited for the little kids. Ask everyone to imagine two birds. One named “prrr” and the other named “Pukutu”. If you call out “prrr”, the students need to stand on their toes and move their elbows out sideways. When you call out “Pukutu”, the students have to stay still and may not.


Classroom toes -

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Classroom toes -

I discovered this as I have been learning French. Skills covered in. Raise your right foot and flex your toes back towards you.

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